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Soft Drink and Grocery

Nickelodeon Juice Range

“Best Children’s Juice Product" “Worlds Healthiest Juice”

(World Juice Awards 2013)

Endorsed by World Health Organisation (WHO) for better health, lowest sugar

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Angry Birds Drink Range


Based on internationally recognised characters of Angry Birds, with over 2.4 Million downloads.

Each character has its own unique flavour that is sure to surprise and delight

Juice Flavours: Banana, Cherry, Blackberry and Citris 

Soft Drink Flavours: Red, Chuck, Bomb and Corporal Piggie
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Champin Sparkling Juice


100% Pure and Non Alcoholic 

Perfect for Kids celebrations

Flavours: Apple and Juice Original flavours 


Fentimans Mixer Range

Product of the UK. Botanically Brewed. Established 1905. Traditional mixers trusted by the world's best cocktail mixologists and spirit producers.

Voted ‘Best Drinks Brand’ in the 2012-13 Best Brands Survey of Fine Food Digest readers across the UK.

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Fat Metabolizing Natural Energy Drink


GOLD-DBA Gold Award

GOLD-Loved by Parents 2013

250ml PET bottle

The Energy aspect of POWERBURN comes from a combination of:
• Taurine, -L-Tyrosine, -Caffeine, -CDP Choline

Metabolize fat comes from a perfect combination of:
• L-Carnitine, Raspberry Ketones, CDP Choline
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Completely Translucent Protein Water that is naturally coloured and flavoured

500ml PET bottle

Lowest calorie protein-containing beverage with added electrolytes to improve hydration

Optimised with the hydrolysed protein "hydrolean":

For 200% more absorption than whey protein

Clinically proven to enhance: 

Energy, Cognitin, Weightloss, Satiety, Muscle Mass and Repair

Gluten / Lactose / GMO / Sugar - Free

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F88 Energy

Our F88 FASHION ENERGY DRINK is produced in Austria by a reputable and specialist manufacturer using the best of ingredients and natural Austrian water. This guarantees the product’s superior quality and upmarket positioning.

Founded by the makers of Fashion TV. This is the energy drink for Billionaires, Models and Sports Stars

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Fashion Water

Founded by the makers of Fashion TV. This is water made for Billionaires, Models and Sports Stars

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Voda Water

The source of the water for Voda Naturalna lies in the heart of Muszyna, a small town in southern Poland.

The water is drawn from 85 meters below the ground and it owes its unique qualities to the prehistoric geological structure in the area.

The water is available in 1L and an 350ml glass bottles in still and carbonated.
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Voda Functional Drinks

Functional drinks infused with collagen

Beauty, Sport and Energy

Voda Collagen is the unique duo of pure Voda Naturalna and precious collagen molecules, enriched with Vitamin C and a subtle hint of fruit flavour

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London Tea Company

Beauty, Blending, brewing and drinking ethical teas since 2003.

London Tea Company is determined to spread the word on how great ethical tea can be.

We have developed an exciting range of Fairtrade teas and herbal infusions which are packed with flavour and help provide a fair price to growers and their communities


GOLD-Great Taste Awards 2014 for our London Breakfast, Chunmee, Jasmine Green Tea and Vanilla Chai

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Darling Spuds Handcooked Crisp Range

Premium hand (cut) cooked crisp that is gluten free, vegetarian friendly, completely free of any unsavoury GMO's


  • Fire Roasted Jalapeno Peppers,
  • Sour Cream with a hint of Mexican Chilli,
  • Sun Ripened Tomato, Green Olive and Oregano,
  • Sea Salt and Italian Balsamic vinegar,
  • West Country Cheddar, Leek and Pink Peppercorns,
  • Crushed Natural Sea Salt


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Salty Dog Snack Nuts

Founded 2002. Hand-cooked in sunflower oil for extra bite.



GOLD-Great Taste Award 

Voted U.K's coolest brands 2013/2014

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Angry Birds Crisps Range

“What started as a simple mobile game has grown into one of the world's most recognised brands”

Leveraging the Angry Birds fan base and the popularity of the games to generate large scale impulse purchases in your retail store.

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Poppa Porky 

Australia's Best Known Pork Crackle

Flavours: Hot Chow, Bacon and Roast

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Pre packed, ready to serve pitted, marinated olives.

All Natural, Gluten free, Dairy free, Nut free, Vegan suitable. World celebrated quality and taste

No pits. No Liquid.

Flavours: Lemon and Rosemary, Basic and Garlic, Chilli and Garlic, Chilli and Oregano

Winner 10 x for Best Taste Awards U.K.
Fresh Ideas Award, IFE-London
Best Taste Award , Anuga-Cologne
Trends and Innovations , SIAL-Paris
Mercury Award , ITCA-Barcelona
Best Appetizer , Antipasti Category, USA-NY

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Joe + Sephs Gourmet Popcorn

Inspired by radical flavours
Gluten free.

World celebrated quality and taste
Available in 17g mini packs, 35g snack pack, Pouches and Gift boxes.


15 x GOLD-Best Tasting Popcorn Brand UK.

FINALIS-Lunch Innovation Challenge 2013

WINNER 2013-Food and Drink Producer of the Year

WINNER 2012-Smarta 100

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Awfully Posh Pork Crackling

Outdoor bred pigs, which are hand fried in small batches. As they cool down, they are lightly sprinkled with organic Anglesey sea salt and absolutely nothing else.

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Innocent Chips

Spare yourself the spare tire and enjoy junk food without the junk. Nothing artificial, no preservatives, and never fried, our premium coconut chips are made from the finest slices of fresh coconut.
We toast them to perfection, and hey voilà! scrumptious little morsels of goodness.
Each bag of Nudie Snacks is All-natural, Gluten-free and Vegan-friendly.

Available in three flavours
- Sweet and salty
- Sweet Thai Chilli
- Salt and Vinegar

WINNER – Great Taste Awards UK 2014

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Dip In

Sumptuous savoury snacking, with full-bodied flavours and made with the finest ingredients. These mediterranean gourmet dips are packed in a handy tray offering 'all natural' deli-style dips including a hum-believable Hummus, jet-setter bruschetta and a top notch tapenade

Convenience packaging 40g Hummus and 25g Crackers 

Only 70 calories per serving 

Ambient and shelf stable 

Gluten Free, Kosher & Vegan suitable 

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WOW Butter 

"Its just like peanut butter, but better!"

Made in a Dedicated 100% Peanut Free, Tree Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Egg Free Facility.

Full of Protein & Omega-3



Kosher & Vegan suitable

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Beer, Premix and Cider

Hofbrau Munchen


Over 425 years old. Founded by Bavarian Kings. Owned by the people of Bavaria. Synonymous with Oktoberfest around the world this product is one of the best known German beers internationally.

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Brothers Cider Range

It has taken 4 Brothers and 14 generations of cider makers, from the Showering family, to create our unique range of ciders.

Founded in Somerset, South West England. This cider is gluten free and one of the fastest growing ciders in the world.

WINNER 'UK Coolest Brand Awards' at The Drum Marketing Awards.

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Cerveza Especial and Tequila

From the South American coast, this is a premium beer enjoyed in over 56 countries.  

Salitos Cerveza Especial (Pale Lager):
• For decades Salitos Cerveza has been the hippiest drink at the beaches of Latin America and beyond it. 

Salitos Tequila:
A classic bottom-fermented Premium Lager elegantly balanced with a shot of the very finest of IMPORTED TEQUILA DE JALISCO and the fruity taste of South America limes. Mild and fresh with a fruity flavour. With a smooth mellow and full aromatic taste (100% All Natural).

Brewed in Gremany by Krombacher Privatbrauerei Kreuztal

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Phoenix Beer

The famous Phoenix Beer from the paradise island of Mauitius.

A polished, bottom fermented golden yellow lager beer. Phoenix beer is pasteurised after bottling, according to natural conversation methods.

The quality of the underground water also allows us to produce beer with no chemical additives. Time of maturation before distribution is meticulously controlled.

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Bachata Beer

Premium Lager blended with golden rum, a touch of vanilla and a hint of orange zest. 

Bachata beer was inspired by Alvaro, a Cuban musician who travelled the world jammin' with Latin bands and partying at every opportunity.

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Fentimans BLOOM

Fentiman’s ‘Botanically Brewed’ & BLOOM ‘Inspired by nature’.

Created by the first female gin master distiller in the world, Joanne Moore.

Premium Bloom and Tonic

Perfectly prepared and ready to serve. These bottles let you savour the delicate floral tones of BLOOM balanced by the distinctive
herbal and plant-root notes of the tonic.

Limited Edition Bloom and Rose Lemonade

Made with real lemons and pure Rose Otto oil, from the world famous Rose Valley in Kazanlak, Bulgaria. The rose gives the liquid a pale blush colour and the delicate aroma combines exquisitely with the floral notes of chamomile and honeysuckle in BLOOM.


Silver-Pre-Mixed Challenge 2013

Bronze-Pre-Mixed Challenge 2014

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Wine and Bubbles

Fashion Champagne Grande Cru

Derived exclusively from Chardonnay Grand Cru grapes from the Côte des Blancs and Pinot Noir Grand Cru grapes from the Montagne de Reims, this is the ideal champagne to accompany your fine dining experience. In true Fashion style, it blends champagne and luxury, to create magical moments.

Founded by the makers of Fashion TV. This is the champagne made for Billionaires, Models and Sports Stars

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Fashion Champagne Grande Reserve

This elegant and well-balanced creation is a fine expression of authentic champagne tradition. Luxuriously exciting, fashionable yet timeless, it was born to add a special sparkle to any and every celebration in true Fashion style.

Founded by the makers of Fashion TV. This is the chapagne made for Billionaires, Models and Sports Stars

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Fashion Prosecco


FASHION PROSECCO Brut is a lively, sparkling wine that is produced on our behalf by Italy’s largest privately held wine company. It is a varietal wine that is made from the Prosecco grape, native to the Veneto region. Is fresh and easy to have as an aperitif, or enjoy at a celebration or a party. Comes in a distinctive and stylish packaging. It’s simple yet modern design makes it an all-occasion bubbly! It is for the fashionable, sociable, trendy and cosmopolitan.

Founded by the makers of Fashion TV. This is the Prosecco made for Billionaires, Models and Sports Stars

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Premium French Wine (Oenoforos Nordic Sea Winery)

Delivered in a Designer Hand Bag Packaging, the Premium French Vernissage comes in a delightful assortment of;

Elegant White, Dark Red Wine and Syrah Rosé.

Chardonnay Viogner (The White):
•  Has a young, fresh and aromatic bouquet with hints of sweet fruits. The flavour is dry and very fruity with an essence of pear, citrus, tropical fruits and vanilla.

Syrah Cabernet Sauvignon (The Red):
•  This dark red wine an inviting fruity aroma with spice notes, ripe berries, currants, blackberries and white pepper on the palate, as well as overtones of chocolate and toasty oak

Syrah Rosé:
• The flavour is fruity with hints of raspberries, blackberries and a lovely herblike finish. The generously fruity aroma has tones of wild red berries.



Most Innovative-Carton Awards 2010

GOLD-Pentawards the Word's Largest Packaging Design Competition.  

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Fashion Vodka Luxury Collection

Filtered through centuries of intangible heritage, FASHION VODKA Luxury Collection breathes new life into a once closely guarded recipe dating back to 1783. A recipe that was then reserved for the select few, now delivers a pleasurable vodka for connoisseurs around the world.

Founded by the makers of Fashion TV. This is the vodka made for Billionaires, Models and Sports Stars

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Fashion Vodka Party Collection

Faithful to Michel Adam’s vision of making FASHION VODKA accessible to a broader consumer segment, a premium version was also produced: the Party Collection. A vodka ranking at the top in its category, it is produced from selected fine Polish grains to deliver a noble, special-tasting mixture. Distilled four times and mixed with the purest, treated by reverse osmosis water, the FASHION VODKA Party Collection is filter through a series of carbon micro-filters before bottling. This ensures pure vodka of unique character and a soft, harmonious, well-rounded taste.

Designed to mirror the signature features of the FASHION VODKA family, FASHION VODKA Party Collection follows the principles of purity, clarity and simplicity with a design that successfully represents style and confidence.

Founded by the makers of Fashion TV. This is the party vodka made for Billionaires, Models and Sports Stars

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Signature Vodka

This ultra premium "Hangover Free Vodka" is infused with the Carcuma Long Herb which is known for its hangover treatment properties. 

Winner GOLD 2013 / 2014 Spirit Awards (Citsol, S.A)

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Bong Vodka

Produced in Holland, with a 174 year old recipe

 A super premium 6 x distilled, 4 x filtered using reverse osmosis charcoal techniques. The result of five generations of master distillers. 


GOLD- With 92 points from International review of Spirit Award.

Platinum-SIP Award International Spirit Awards for taste 2013

GOLD-SIP Award International Spirit Awards for Design / Package 2013

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Thunder Toffee Vodka

Free of unnatural additives and preservatives. Thunder Toffee has been made from a triple distilled grain vodka and a completely natural toffee syrup, made simply from pure melted cane sugar.



Awarded with Great Taste Gold Award 2012

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Pinkster Gin

Pinkster is an award winning, Premium Gin

Triple Distilled in small batches

All natural, No nasties. Recently voted the U.K's third favourite gin 

A deliciously tasteful dry gin, with hints of fruit and an exceptionally smooth finish.



A special blend of Ultra Premium Vodka & Super Premium Tequlia, a mix that is a true sensation.

The vodka is made from multiple grains and distilled six times.

The Tequila is made from Pure blue agave plants.

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KAH Tequila

The "Day Of The Dead" Vodka

Hand Painted Premium Tequila From Mexico

Designed to honor Mexico and pay reverence to its people. 

KAH translates to “life” in the ancient Mayan language.

Each is a hand-crafted work of art. The bottle and spirit are reflective of "Day of the Dead", the 3,000 year-old Meso-American ritual, commemorating deceased loved ones. 

While the bottle captures that enduring spirit, so does the tequila inside. KAH distillers transform hand-selected 100% Blue agave into lively Blanco, Reposado, Añejo and Extra Añejo varieties that are both;

Certified Organic and Kosher

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La Cofradia

Super Premium Tequila 100% Agave

Anejo, Repesado and Blanco, La Cofradia has a rich history of distillation in the heart of Mexico.

An array of hand painted, hand made individual tequila bottles sets this authentic tequila amongst the world's finest.

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Bloom Gin

BLOOM Premium London

Dry Gin is not quite like any other premium gin. It's a light, delicate and floral gin with a totally unique sweet taste created by a bespoke blend of 3 botanicals:
Honeysuckle, Chamomile and Pomelo.


MASTER-Spirits Business Gin Masters 2014

GOLD-World Spirits Comp (USA) 2014


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Cazcabel Honey Tequila

Premium Agave Tequila

Infused with floral honey, both a sweet and smoky distinctive liqueur that “explodes in the mouth”

Cazcabel Tequila is fresh, earthy and dry Blanco at heart. The honey adds a dose of sweet nectar to the blend.

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South Bay Rum

The World's Finest Handcrafted, Artisanal Rum

Imported from the Dominican Republic by Cuban Rum Masters and distilled using the richly rewarding Solera method.

The rum is sweet, smooth and smoky with a long finish, allowing the different tastes to vie for attention.


SILVER-San Fransisco World Spirits Competition 2014

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El Ron Prohibido Rum

A Premium Artisan Rum

"Forbidden for years, but never forgotten"

The rum itself is produced from sugar cane, distilled and matured for 12 years utilising the Solera system. 

Ron Prohibido is slightly sweet with a strong raisin and rich fruit taste.

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SIA Scotch


Blended Scotch of 40% Malt and 60% Grain Whiskey

The new, fresh and exciting Scotch Whisky is smooth and refreshing with perfectly balanced hints of hazelnut and toffee.

Rated "Outstanding" by The Whiskey Advocate


Double GOLD-San Francisco World Spirits Competition

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Lauders Scotch Whisky

Produced in Scotland.

A smooth blended whisky first established in 1834.

Lauder's was developed by Archibald Lauder around 1815, soon after distilling was made legal.

Made from the finest Highland, Speyside and Lowland Malts. Matured in oak barrels and blended together for a light yet fruity and full-bodied blended Scotch. 



Feckin Irish Whisky & Spiced

The first ever spiced Irish whisky

Made with a selection of the finest spices and smooth vanillla, which makes for a prodigious drinking experience. Well prepared with an enriching blend of the highest quality Irish malt and grain whisky.

Whether you like whisky on the rocks, with a mixer or simply as it comes - with FECKiN you have guaranteed satisfaction.


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Islay Mist 

Blended Scotch Whisky 

The most distinctive of those being distilled at the Laphroaig distillery on Islay.

Exceptionally blended with aged malt and grain whiskies from the Speyside and Islay regions of Scotland. 

The peated blend retains its smoky flavour of Laphroaig whilst offering a delightful softness, most appealing to contemperary tastes.


Rebel Yell Bourbon

American Bourbon Whiskey made with an original time honoured recipe.

The newest addition to the yell family, combining the smooth flavour of Rebel Yell Kentucky straight bourbon with the spiciness of rebel yell rye.

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Draught Beer and Cider

Bad Apple Cider

Craft Apple Cider
Somerset Cider Co.
Somerset, United Kingdom.

Fully Imported.
4.8% ALC Vol

Cayman Craft Island Cider

Craft Apple Cider
Somerset Cider Co.
Somerset, United Kingdom.

Fully Imported.
4.8% ALC Vol

Uber Dry

Product Of Germany

Brewed by Kaiserdom Brewery.

4.5% ALC Vol
Lager. Brewed under German purity law.

Uber Weisse

Product Of Germany

Brewed by Kaiserdom Brewery.

4.5% ALC Vol
Weissbier. Brewed under German purity law.